About Madrid Arthouse Film Festival

Madrid Arthouse 8lm festival is a monthly online festival based in Madrid. The festival aims to provide a platform for short and long feature 8lmmakers to be seen and heard as best as possible. With this goal, 8lmmakers don't need to submit their projects for every award category to be considered for different awards. Each project only needs to be submitted for one general category. With each submission, the project will be considered for all of the prizes. All of this happens at a very affordable price. The festival is very competitive: Each month, our jury selects each category's winners through private screenings (there will be no physical screening). The winners of each month may be then considered for the yearly online competition. If this happens, they will be shown and compete with other 8lms-winners at the annual online event. The 2021 annual edition of the festival is scheduled for Nov 20-21, 2021.


You can do the submission through Filmfreeway
Madrid Arthouse Film Festival is a monthly competitive Film Festival dedicated to short and feature Films in Madrid. If you have a 8lm ready, you can send your movie to us through Filmfreeway


Our main goal is to showcase their brilliant projects in the beautiful city of Madrid for a diverse audience of cinephiles. It is a world- class event committed to present the best of this beautiful art called ‘Cinema’ and dedicated to all generations of 8lmmakers. Through private screenings, a team of professional screeners will evaluate all the submitted short 8lms. All the highest scored 8lms will be selected for the oUcial competition and will be reviewed by at least three judges who will decide the best of each season.